Man sitting in diner having coffee and a cigarette

Well, this is my first real smoke edit. I made sure to add things in the background to avoid having the scene be empty. And I know that the isolation is bad in spots and I left some hard edges on the smoke :confused:[/media]


Constructive C&C please!

Smoke needs to be a little higher and very spiralish.
Finger posing on both hands needs to be tweaked a little (Dont arse the hadn with the cigar much, just the 2 fingers with the cigar, and the hand with the coffe mug needs to be more curved around the mug).

I like all the other posing and the angle, and also the blur :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Santz. I actually made the smoke taller than it is, but I thought it was too tall, so I erased it:P

At the risk of sounding dumb, what do you mean by espiralish?

Like a spiral(Not espiral lol my mistake) I mean that it goes higher but in circles.

Ah, ok. I’ll do that next time.

No other comments?

I usually don’t old my cigarettes that way.

I don’t smoke so I had to wing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I hate olding cigarettes.


Pretty cool could use some better editing.
Keep going.

For a future reference people usually grab the cigar with the index and the middle finger(In a gently horizontal-curved way) and rest the hand with the other two fingers (in a more curved position, almost making a fist with those 2 fingers) and the thumb is next to the resting fingers.

Slight clipping between his hand and sleeve on his right arm.

Did he ignite that cig like 10 secs ago? The smoke hasn’t gone very far.