Man standing in woods.

Or, my prefered title, “I Have Become Lost to the World”.

This is a picture I became inspired to make after hearing the song by Gustav Mahler, to the text of a poem by Friedrich Rückert. I don’t think I did it much justice, however…

Poem: I have become lost to the world,
With which I used to waste so much time;
It has heard nothing from me for so long,
That it may well believe that I have died!

I do not care at all,
If it considers me dead.
I also cannot contradict it,
For really I have died,
Died to the world.

I have died to the world’s turmoil,
And I rest in a silent domain.
I live alone in my heaven,
In my love, in my song!

And song by Mahler:

Not much more to say, I might try remaking it without it being so bland in the future.

The way his head is titled to the side looks quite odd and unnatural… like he has pulled a nerve or something.

The desaturated style is cool though.

Yeah, I was trying to him look depressed but simply made him look like he was attacked by an animal in those woods.

First thing I noticed was the desperat need of AA.

really well you must have some mighty fine corrective eye surgery done

first thing i noticed was crooked neck


also, did you inflate his head just a bit?

I just spent about 5 minutes trying to find Slender Man in there.

Lol, nope, no SlenderMan.


No, his head is just a little big. I think the model is simply a reskin of Breen’s body with a citizen head on it.

You need to work on your poetry, nobody likes the kind lacking rhyme unless it was written a few hundred years ago back when English was awesome.

Also, might wanna turn up the graphics.

It’s not my poem, it’s by Ruckert. And the graphics are up all the way, believe it or not. I turned AA up all the way also, but it didn’t do much.

Oh, my bad, either way, it was a good illustration had it not been for the somewhat weird posing.

I’m going to try remaking it with a different model. The posing had to be compromised because the model is poorly rigged. I don’t like his suit either.