Man startled to hear a noise

Just getting back in to posing let me know what you think

I think you need to turn the AA up

good pose mind if I edit

Sure go ahead

I tried to make it look like he was still moving.


It’s kinda bland, you had put some blood if hes holding a wound

Can’t see any difference, did you upload the right picture ?

What’s a sniper doing standing by a window anyway?

I liked the picture.

He can’t snipe through walls :downs:

What if he’s playing on a non-VAC server

then the server admins do amx_kick sniperguy

Well if we was going for realism, and it looks like he was. The sniper would be further away from the window, and his gun would NOT be in the open like that. I know he was startled by a noise but still, he shouldn’t be that close, and whats a sniper doing being that startled? but either way, its a great image, no doubt.

actually I did it’s just you might want to zoom in most of the blurs on the gun


what about counter-strike I remember being able to shoot through walls and stuff

Nope there aint not wound hes just kind of tucking his hand closer to his body.

Looked like it…

“Goddamnit!! Can’t a man fap in peace?”