"Man, those zombies got armuh? I WANT ARMUH!"


Bored as hell. But I did manage to get some writing done for the Vortigaunt Chronicles thing. So stay tuned for that in about a week or so.

poor coach, he no get his armuh.



Whoa, the Coach actually fits on those armors, he truely is fat.

He’s like the only one who fits any armors. Too much chocolate can do that to you.

that would actually be better than the gun armor, he has claws, and its not like those zombies can shoot.
They can’t shoot, R-Right?

Maybe you don’t know about the hidden zombie in Left 4 Dead 2? It’s called the Shooter and to find one you have to complete all campaigns 1000 times. It can pick up guns and shoot you.

Just kidding. But I’d rather have that armor than riot armor any day.

Really? Jesus I was shitting my pants for a minute there.


Thanks for the comments.

I wish the curaiss models were smaller and flexible. I still laughed though. Now let me go to bed.

I freaking laughed my ass off. Coach reminds me of Olly Williams.
Oblivion armor needs to be sized better, I put it on a normal human and it looked like I tried to put armuh on a freakin Oompa Loompa
Have a funny.

There is the Jimmy Gibs Jr. zombie, and the removed fallen survivor though.

Oh nah he’s doing it wrong :confused:

Oh thanks.

I actually thought this was dead on the second page.

Wow… Even as big as that armor is his arm is still clippin on the left gauntlet.

It’s trick camera work really. That and I shrunk the amrs to fit a bit. Then I moved that one a bit to be as straight as the rest of the arm and didn’t bother doing anything about the MINOR clipping.

Yeah it’s minor it was mostly a coach fat joke.

I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Mad God’s Blessings.”

Oblivion, Shivering Isles’ Golden Saint armor is freaking sexy.

Armuh:) Made me chuckle. Have funny.