Man turning to a skeleton thanks to a heat-Ray

Quick test.

Looks pretty bad actually, work on your fire. And why did you shrink his waist?

Like i said thsi was a testing draft version.

za heat ray waz in za pantzzz…

That doesn’t make it any worse than it is. It’s obviously evident that you used inflator, and the angle is bad.

Use screen on the fire!

Not exactly a skeleton. Pretty much half.

According to the book if only the torso was hit only the torso would burn

Inflator tool + bad editing.


You did not at any time say this was part of a book.

You have to try to find a more interesting angle and work on your fire. It would have looked better if you just used the ignite tool.

No it was a test for my war of the worlds comic, but i based how he was being burnt from the war of the worlds heat-ray as it was stated in the book

instead of you guys bashing him why done you find a good fire tutorial for the guy, sheesh.

He’ll just say “That’s how it’s supposed to be”


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