Man vs. Zombies? How about Man vs. Elements.

I want to start off by saying I love Rust. LOVE IT! I’ve played so many Alphas which have lead to just trainwreck games, and this game is just different. So early in development and it is an AMAZING game. I just can’t stop playing it. So I make a thread offering some suggestions from a player who really enjoys the game.

So I noticed that “zombies” have been introduced to this game as “bookmarks” for the time being. I say dump the zombies, or any other sort of humanoid creature which might replace them as the “monster” you’re fighting. The game already has the greatest monster against humans of all in it. Other humans. Meaning the other players. In that population you will always find a good assortment of raiders and thugs and militant regimes to make enough of a “bad guy” sort of figure in the game. Why go down the route taken by so many others these days and choose zombies? The market is saturated in zombies. I think instead this game is suited to be more focused on the human vs. human aspect of survival, the benefits of forming groups, building villages, and most of all, the key focus of the game: surviving against the elements. We are a group of naked men dumped on some island with only a rock, some bandages, and a torch — around us the areas teaming with not only deadly wildlife, deadly environments, but also others who won’t mind killing you for your stuff.

My second and last suggestion would be that there is a system of reward or benefit set up in people community building. I suppose like “guilds” of MMO games, ways people can officially join communities on servers, where you can set up ranks, build community doors/storage, maybe even a system where the community leaders can create “quests” for people to collect materials, which will then give them a valuable reward the leaders provide for completion of that “quest”. Without a good system to promote community and team building, the game will be everyone killing everyone … which still isn’t bad, but it’d be cool to see a game that focuses more on showing people that working together gets more done.

Anyhow, I’m out.

I completely agree.