Man waiting on the bus, while security officer yells at camraman.

Long title is long.

Well here it goes:

Almost unedited, coulden’t find anything to edit.

Loled at the sign and the dining chair.

Its supposed to be a poor country, they use dining chairs as bus stops !

Well it’s not shit, How long have you been posing?
Anyway, the bus stop could have used a bench, as i’ve never seen a bus stop with chairs.
Security guard (odessa) could have more posing work.
Other than that, you could use a LOT more faceposer and eyeposer, and get better antialias and Dof.

Why not using chairs for other stuff and just leaving people standing?
At least you used finger posing.

This looks bad. Really bad.

  • Stiff posing
    -No sence at all
    -No faceposing
    -Just putted some random chair and placed a citizen on it.

Or I’m missing something funny here?


Work your posing, and try to use face posing to give more life to your pictures.
And try to use props that fit the image.

Message to short