"Man walking and ingoring the combine killing people" Just something i made.

I was thinking of doing something today. And i decided to do this.
I think it’s the best picture i done.


He look kinda cock stiff and are his hands black?

I dunno why he has black hands. Maybe valve did it by mistake.


no look at his fingers

Maybe his hands are covered in dirt?

you CAN get gloves like that, I think alyx had em too

look at her hands…

Not the black fingerless gloves. Look at the skin tone of the fingers that are through the gloves.

my bad but you did say HAND not FINGERS so I assumed you were being a bit blind

maybe a fuck up of mixing a white head on a black body??

Thus ends another meeting of the Finger and Glove discussion club, same time next week chaps! :buddy:

Oh Uberslug.

Lol I love that movie.

Blazing Saddles is great.

Anyway, posing is a bit stiff; don’t use the default CS:S weapon models, and needs face posing. But the DoF is nice.

He looks really stiff and his expression doesn’t help much either.

Looks stupid and poorly posed.

What is with all the incredibly straightforward and unimaginitive names?

I think it’s called descriptive titles