Man walks away from someone he just killed

Is he holding that shotgun with telekinesis or something?

Too stiff.
Where’s the posing on the dead guy?

Why does he have a tf2 Kukri?

The colors are really weird. The posing is pretty good and you used : 1- Ugly default models 2- a TF2 model on a CS model, shit happens.


But seriously improve your posing. Turn up anti-aliasing and DON’T EVER EVER EVER use default blood it sucks. Oh and use no-collide tool on the guns and give it some finger posing people can’t hold guns with there palms especially when the gun is inches away from there hands.

Posing’s pretty good I guess, but needs better camera angle and graphics.
Also try not to use in-game blood paint like that.

I love the TF2 weapon in there.

i’m kinda new to this so what can i use for blood instead?

i think what the pros do is find a pic on the internet and edit it in with GIMP, that’s just my guess im not an expert

Well, you can use a variety of different methods, like brushs, stock images, etc.
I personally combine both to get the best of both worlds :], lol jk but I do combine both and just mess around with the settings till it looks just about right.

Check Chesty’s and Vman’s tutorials for help, it shows you how to do them.
Here’s a helpful website:

And btw, I use photoshop, not GIMP.

HUGE TF2 machete.