Manage a free server!

Hello everyone! I am in need of a few people for my servers. I want to fill up my box with servers, so I am offering everyone here a chance to get a free server. What this will mean, is that you will be basically advising this one server that you choose.
You will have to put it under my community name, InsanityRP, but you will basically be owning this server and playing on it as if it was yours. Now, I have many gamemodes we are willing to use in our community, but others are welcome for suggestion :slight_smile:

We have chosen(or bought if Clockwork):

Cider Two
Phase Four
Sandbox(Cause why not!)
And if you want to recommend one to me, just let me know and we can talk it over with our team!

You will have direct access to our TCAdmin 2 Control Panel and such.

All of our servers will be 64 slots(depending on gamemode)

Please only ask to get one of these servers if you have expirence running servers and make sure you let me know if you are a decent coder! I’m always looking for a community coder.
We want to bring as much outside help as we can to make sure that it isn’t all one liking to one player, so only one server per person.

Contact me on steam@ This link :slight_smile:
You will be interviewed by me to see if you can actually run and keep this server up :slight_smile:

Please no negative posts. If you don’t like the thread, then rant somewhere else.

Are we allowed to have a server and then put a password on it?

So actually expect other people to run “your” own community while you sit back and claim ownership because you pay/host them? I don’t think so.
It’s going to take hard work and dedication on your end to ensure you have a decent community, not a bunch of free servers.
TL:DR - Your “power fantasy” isn’t going to happen

hello i have a once in a lifetime offer just today you can run one of my businesses for no pay at all, and you must abide by my rules/send all profits to me

Sounds like an asshole when you put it that way but it’s better than “do all the code for my server and get VIP on it :D”.

no it’s pretty much the same thing considering you’re potentially making a large commitment in exchange essentially for being able to say you run it, and nothing more.

I never said any money goes to me. What you make, you keep due to your work.


Stop bullshitting guys. He is offering free servers. This is nog a burdain but a great opportunity seeing as so many threads come up saying ‘omg pls gimme server’. He also didnt say you MUST enroll into community coding. Pessimists.

Hes offering ‘free servers’ under his communities name and with extreme restrictions.

Point being? It’s a free service. If you don’t like the terms, don’t come here to flame him. Why is it so many people on Facepunch think they deserve to be granted anything they wish under any ideal of what they would like to see it.

Just because you slap on “free” for the pricetag, dosnt mean you should make piss poor terms of agreements.
Here is the bottom line this thread is stating:
“You will be working on a server that is under my communities name, and is by defacto owned by me. You will be considered the owner since you operating the server, and can therefore do as you will.” Ergo, “You do the work, I take the credit”.

Was I flaming? I always thought flaming would have meant me saying something along the lines of

I didnt say that as far as I know. I put my two cents in what the contract hes putting is.
I guess when saying no thankyou and giving a reason why to deny the offer is the equivelency of flaming.

I came here to put my thought into this. This is a terrible idea and only people who have had no bad experiences with people (been down that road of being used and not getting respect and the like, and i believe many of us have too), or little kids thinking “this is so easy this is gonna be great and fun.”, Would take up this offer. Case and point is what Im trying to say is, to tell people to avoid a bad contract Terms and conditions. Your going to get fucked over in the long run.

This is facepunch. Making a ‘negative post’, or what it truelly is, constructive feedback, is allowed. Weather you like it or not. If you knew you were going to get dumb voted and critism, why would you post your idea on here in the first place?

This seems like a good idea if you just want to give server owning a go, but if you’re thinking a bit more serious and actually want to create a community from scratch, I wouldn’t recommend doing this. There’s a lot more satisfaction when doing things in your own name.

Although, if you don’t have too much spare time, this might be a decent way to get started.

I’ll take the cinema server. Not hard to manage at all.

The thread states you have to contact him via Steam.

I ain’t contacting nobody on Steam. I’ll just get off my lazy ass, walk over to my server box and turn it on.