Management Admin


Management Admin is a administration script.

It has all features of the best known systems and even more !

It’s multilanguages FR/EN.

SVN (login : management, no password.) :

Looks simple, you should design the menu better to make it look more unique then the one from other administrating mods.
The first look, already can get you users.

Look Simple… but it’s the best ever bro ! There’s a lot of options you can do with this admin mod, it’s easy, fast, and of course, very very secure…
(Don’t be worry about this, I know what i’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue: ) This is really secure. Trust me.

I recommand you to try it… :eng101: :smile:

Are you able to edit player properties (items, health/armor, godmode, etc.)?

How about adding easy bans? Put in a message, time and ban title, then add it to the side. Just click the name and the specific ban you want out of the list you added.

Possibly make the welcome page have user stats as well.

Everything is in it :smiley:

Pretty cool addon but their’s something keeping me from liking it 100% and I don’t know what.

so, if you don’t know… it’s nothing… :stuck_out_tongue:

unless if you was in love with another admin addon before… :smile:


changelog :

[FIX] Fix minor bugs;
[ADD] New Spec mod with Chat and Voice Chat ( video )