Manchester Servers Keep Going Down

Hey guys, not sure if there is anyone around here who can do anything but I’ve noticed the Manchester servers keep going down every so often for around an hour each time as shown by the graph thing:

This is happening to:

• Facepunch Manchester
• Facepunch Manchester Hapis
• Facepunch Manchester Small

(And Facepunch Moscow 5 but I’m not sure if its related since I’m only on the Manchester ones)

If anyone could give any info into this that would be really great ta

I believe it’s on the same build as the other official servers, so it could be instability with the hardware itself.
Seeing as you reported it, it’ll likely be checked and handled.

I just hope the servers are migrated soon because I keep on going to raids only to be chucked out of the server for 3 hours not knowing when it will go back up and logging back in dead.

Yeh the Manchester server issues are certainly annoying, been doing it last three days for definite, tho this feels like the longest its been down now

Down again, seriously needs looking into now

Manchester small down, again. CMON BOYS.

All three Manchester servers just went offline again. They were offline for 13.5 hours last night (Source I switched from Facepunch London I to Manchester because it was lagging really bad but this is not much better. Any idea why it keeps going down?

Down agaaaaaiiiin

Down again FFS. Facepunch please take some action!

This server dropping is becoming a really big problem. When I joined (about 4 days ago) was showing a 99% up rate, now it been dropping like crazy without warning for extended periods of time, especially annoying when you are not the most powerful clan on the server and you lose your gear because the server dropped while you were outside your base.

btw its down right now

I’m going to loot all your shit mate

Once Garry turns the server on, your shit is mineeeee

doooown again, wtf is happening with this server? I was outside my house again, so probably i’m gonna lose all my stuff again, I’m very happy c:

Fuck this Shit. every time i get out of the house in that exact time (well, more or less) the server is down.
Facepunch get your shit together. FIX THIS ISSUE!!!

And again, please facepunch take some action with this.

dude they haven’t done shit and wont do shit.

Back up now

the problem is for how long

and its down again. OH MY GOD!

It’s getting REALLY annoying to freaking lose connection to the server during a raid. Seriously, it’s happening like everyday, what’s going on?

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Can’t you guys at least message us 10 minute before? No, it’s just going like “warning you’re gonna lose all your shitty stuff and your raid is fucked, good bye.” disconnected .