Mandatory wipes, tomorrow? Next week? Does anyone knows?

Hi guys.

I just started playing on a server and nobody there knows about wipes, if tomorrow’s wipe mandatory on all servers or the one in next week?

Please does anyone knows about this or where can I find this info?

Usually its the first Thursday of every month. Unless the admins on your server say other wise.

There is also these means of information to keep tabs on the game (some near daily) :

It is NEVER a wipe except the first Thursday of the month, UNLESS a modded or private server will wipe for some reason - like it is having problems (rarely happens). Or very rarely, Facepunch will make everyone wipe another time. Wipes only come once a month. Also, almost always we keep our Blueprints - they just wipe the world.

hate to suggest it, but maybe we need a locked sticky that says “wipes are first thursday of every month unless stated otherwise” in the title so we can have less of these repeated “when is the wipe?” threads…

Next forced wipe is 1st October