Mangu's model pack ?

Firstly, hello.
I saw a picture of an m21 ebr call of duty.
The person who took the picture said that the weapon had "Mangu’s model pack. But after much research, still nothing. That’s why I’m posting this thread. I hope someone can help me.

Thank you in advance.

I have it, but I’m sure those following things:
First, he didn’t uploaded them on this site.
Second, the only site which had it is now hacked by Korean guy.
Finally, I cannot contact with him, I think he was evaporated.
Anyway, contact me, and I’ll find out if I can send you. Maybe you can send me your mail adress or etc.
I’m sure that he permitted to share it for free.

I send my email by message.

oh! are you looking for my model?

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This file included my M14 model

Thanks Mangoo. Do you have models of ghillies of task force 141 multiplayer ?!
This link has ghillies plus a bunch of other MW2 ragdolls to play around with. The desert one does not have some textures though.

I search this model.

Sorry i don’t have that model

Do you know if there is a pack with this model ?