Manhack Controller

I was reading up on Half Life 2 today at the wiki, And I saw that they had a Manhack Arcade where they controlled manhacks to kill fugitive citizens. I thought that it would be pretty fun to kill people as a Manhack.

Can someone try to make or find something like this?

The manhack weapon used is literally just a spinning blade for a viewmodel, and it does collision damage.
That’d be fairly easy to do if I knew how to code >.>

Doesn’t even need a viewmodel. Just parent a camera to the head and then use some sort of code to make it go up down left right ect

I never said it needed one, as i’d prefer to control an actual manhack, but yeah some sort of noclip-styled control (except without going through anything, and with gravity) possibly in thirdperson would be great :stuck_out_tongue: