Maniac in the darkness.

Editing test. :v:
Sorry for the blur rape.

mmmm… i like…

Comments? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could have done with a TINY bit more light on the maniacs face. Corpse looks really good.
Is that a Auto-Axe from Fallout 3?

Yes, it is. You find it out from the Model section if you don’t have it. :3:

Wheee, comments? D’aaw. :3:

Yeah, it’s edited beyond recognition. You may want that, but it makes commenting the actual Garry’s mod merits almost impossible

take the “maniac” for example, you can just see a black smudgy silhouette, I can’t say anything about the posing, and I can’t even see what it is he’s holding.

It is still a pretty picture though.

The color on dead body is raped. But I like your work. I would do same kind of poses if my model would work but keep it up.