Manipulating Server Entities from Client

Pretty new to Lua and gLua (first week actually). So far I have been able to find information pretty easily about how to do this or that.

I’ve run into a road-block with creating entities (maybe the term is SENT?). I have an entity that, ideally, I’d like to only create client-side but from what I’ve read and tried myself,


is not available clientside.

Since this apparently means all entities must be created server-side, my question is what is the simplest way to edit/set an attribute on a server entity from the client. As far as I can tell, the Network Var system only works for making changes server-side.

I know this can be accomplished with net messages but that seems too bloated for as simple a task as I am trying to accomplish.

ents.Create not ents:Create
you can set network var on client but server wont see it. You can send message to Server. Index should be the same for the entity.
Also if you wanna create a clientside model

Looks like that’s the only way to do it. I guess I’ll have to think carefully about what I am trying to do.

To expand on previous, If you want collisions, you’ll have to create the entity server-side.