Manly Breen

sdof crashed me so i used simple dof

o ye

all ingame except for some sharpening and border


I like lights, but :wtc: really.

:wtc: wat

bit of a clusterfuck, strange composition.

it’s brown

goelf clubbe


i love you fier craker

i love u too

Since when was Gmod on the Unreal Engine?

god the sharpening

since forever duh



it’s sexy and sharp

Nothings manlier then beating the shit outta zombies with a golf club.

Also you got rid of your other avatar :frowning: where is it from anyways lol?

it was from some gif i saw in the don’t get a boner thread lol

It’s nice all around, but Breen’s hand that’s holding the golf club. His thumb looks like it’s breaking.

Bu still, nice job!

That is one manly Breen!

I like it. Kinda got confused at first, then I looked it over and saw what was going on. The editing is nice, maybe a little to gritty though.
Keep it up.

I was expecting breen with a raging erection.

I am disappoint. :downsgun:

it might be there but the zombie is blocking it

Is there a sandstorm passing through, or what? That’s the only way those lighting conditions could be present.

The posing overall is a clusterfuck; It looks slacked and sloppy, and the angle just makes it worse. On top of that, Breen’s expression is pretty blank given he’s being attacked by zombies.

i like it

Love the sharpness of the pic.