Manly McBadass about to punch a terrorist on the ground

“You mother fucking piece of worthless shit”… Was the first that came to mind when I was this. Nice posing.

Made me laugh…
Also, what happened to the CT?

Pretty good, but boring.

Posing is great.

If anyone is wondering, I have a far more awesome idea in mind for Manly McBadass, I will execute it asap.

They fell down the stairs man, THE STAIRS!

Your poses are always getting better, Dems.

Heck yes!

his shirt is pink
pink shirts are not badass,no matter who wears them

His shirt got soaked in the blood of his enemies a while back, he didn’t wash it correctly.

[sp]Ever see the film “Akira”? Normally I don’t watch anime but my dad brought it home with a pile of other films one time. One of the protagonists wore a pink shirt as he kicked a biker in the face right off his bike. I never understood the film til years later, but it was great.[/sp]