Manly McBadass protecting his boat from sea monsters

heavy shrimp

Posing is pretty good but I really don’t like it overall. To me it’s just badly posed heavies with retarded faceposing atacking someone.

He may be manly, but does he smell like a man?

No, he certainly does not.


But if he started using Old Spice, he could smell like me.

Way more than he should actually, when he did meet the old spice guy, the old spice guy turned around, went to a corner, fell to his knees, and unleashed a whimper more powerful than the time he watched his mother die in his arms naked. Manly McBadass is far too manly for old spice.


Shut up, Manly believes that old spice is an insult, just like male enhancement pills and he doesn’t need to use stuff needed for less manly men.

How dare you

In before Butthurter bumps this.

She is a wonderful genius that has EVERY right to bump this.

Male enhancement pills is Manly McBadass’s condensed Sperm and Sweat.


Manly McBadass is the man of them all!

Manly McBadass has nothing on Old Spice and you know it


Manly taught the old spice guy how to turn one thing into another after OSG finished crying his eyes out.

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

You’re saying between :20 and :25 those pearls were not suddenly formed from the oyster only to turn into another body was

They are diamonds you imbecile.

Everyone in this thread was Pmed by Demoniclemon.