Mann City Release (TF2 Bumper Kar Racing Map)

A map I put my heart and soul into for once (Do you know how much those cost?)

It’s nothing special, but one of the few maps with a theme.


Nice, however it needs a bit of distance fog and a 3d skybox. Also the lighting is currently a little dull.

Changed made after playtesting:
*- Made track less cramped

  • Bumper cars can no longer fly over buildings using the parachute powerup
  • Start of track now is more straight
  • More arrows to tell where to go
  • Added more arches in the city for easier layout understanding*

There is a 3d skybox, however due to me being a butt with hammer, the scale is a bit hard to align. I’m still working on getting that right.
I also might add distance fog, but with the well skybox it might look a little odd.