Mann vs. Mecha

zoom with the camera to avoid fish-eyeing and try to get a less boring and more dramatic angle

The pose is actually pretty good, the lack of zoom does ruin it though.

Using the camera makes some of the effects bug out.

Try editing them in GIMP/Photoshop then. You’ll get better results.

I don’t have either. I added in the embers and the bullet streaks in

You can get GIMP for free here. It’s a pretty useful photo editing program similar to Photoshop. Give it a try, and you’ll get better results.


I’d say you could get Photoshop CS2 for free as well, but according to Mythos, it’s not anymore.

I like what you made there
Posing on the soldier is a little weird
And the camera is zoomed out too far

don’t even think about anything remotely related to editing before you’ve got the basic in-game stuff down

I thought I HAD the in-game stuff down… I prefer not to use the camera because it can’t render some things correctly.

Although, eh, I’ll try redoing it with zoom and see how it turns out.

camera can’t render some things? what does that mean? the camera shouldn’t do anything like that.

If a model is colored/TF2 painted, the camera shows it as its default color. It sometimes has trouble with paint (as in the blood spatters, etc.) as well, but it’s not consistent.

well that’s odd, i’ve never run into anything like that. hardware issue maybe?

Perhaps… My GMod can be pretty buggy sometimes.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Joazzz; zooming in at an angle definitely made it more dynamic-looking!

I don’t think Joazzz meant literally angling the picture, but rather using a different camera angle (as in, position) to make it more interesting.

That said, it’s still an improvement over the original’s fisheye effect.