Mans From Below

Too clarify, I did search and came up with nothing.

A fucking amazing map/mod thing I found on youtube, I’ve never heard of it till now, never seen it, and I did not create it.
The guy narrates the video, explaining everything about the mod.
Mans From Below

I’ve found little to no information on said mod, he says a few days, and that was this time last year, I searched, did not see it there, and, personally, it looks fucking sweet.

If you have anymore information, please post.

I love you. This looks awesome and they have took mapping to the extreme.

Looks sweet, I hope he released it somewere…

I would really like to play this.

This looks nice.

Seems to me, this thing just vanished, I had a root around too, nada, zilch…
Shame really, looked promising.

“They” ?
It was only one person.
Ian Boswell

It’s been a year and it’s not out yet, Obviously it’s never coming out.

It looks pretty boring…

Even if people did make good maps, they wouldn’t come out fast enough to get a fresh experience every couple days.