Mansion map for Deathmatch or Hidden

Hey everyone !

It’s me again, since my first map “dm_concrete” is nearly done,

I started a new one, for deathmatch AND Hidden gamemodes.

( NOTE: The lighting is broken and it is normal, i’ve just put an environnement light for testing, don’t worry i’ll fix it later. )
There are some details that ar probably going to change later either.

Here is some screenshots of what i did for now !
( Better screenshots where i fixed a bit the light below !! )

If you see anything or have any ideas, let me know :slight_smile:

EDIT : I fixed the light a bit, just to have better screenshots :sweat_smile:


gives me corporate hacienda vibes

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I wanted to give it a warm mood, i guess it worked haha

if youre going for more residential mansion, I think those pillars are too bulky.

Yeah i didn’t knew if it was the case or not, i’ll re-work them :smiley: