Mantle support for Rust

I think Rust must support mantle. (I use nvidia)


I think you mean the unity engine that Rust uses should (eventually) support mantle.

The guys who rated dumb, are clueless about what mantle is.

Yes I do agree, but unity is what creates the whole engine, or most of it. so… doubt it.

I have no idea what mantle is and why it says battlefield 4.
I thought this would be a thread about adding mantling into the game aha

Maybe they marked you dumb for saying that “rust must support mantle” rust can’t do that, it’s up to the engine creators to implement.

You also posted fps gains in a different game, on a different engine. There is no guaranty that you will gain the same performance boost with Unity.

Not to mention Mantle is for AMD GPU’s only, so it’s not worth it to even bother just yet.

i have amd, so yes, it is worth it just so i can get better performance, not that i need it

if nvidia wants, they can support the new api on their cards.

mantle is not exclusive for AMD


Obviously the game would support both mantle and directx (AMD would use mantle and NVIDIA use directx… for now)

Mantle is a good thing… I just find it stupid that most owners of NVidia cards get butthurt… ._.

No. Read through the entire thread on the natural selection 2 forum – same thing applies, this isn’t worth development time

I’d much prefer work to be done on a real crossplatform API - OpenGL, it is already in the game, running on different platforms, just needs optimizing.
ATI doesn’t know what it wants or what to use, they currently work on: DirectX, OpenGL, PS4 API, Xbox DirectX and now Mantle…

Rust is in alpha, and does not even seem to to be GPU-bound at the moment.

openGL is a great API, just not widely used for some reason :confused: