Manual Addons don't Work Anymore

I’ve found this is a problem with my friends and myself, that any addons you try to install by downloading them from websites and importing them into your addons folder don’t work. New or old, they won’t work at all. Changing the info.txt file to addon.txt didn’t work, changing to addons.txt didn’t work. Nothing manually installed works anymore.

I know that there’s the workshop, but there’s way too many good mods out there that aren’t supported anymore by the creators, and now those mods will doubtfully be usable again if the game stays like this.

I’m not sure if this was intentional, but it wasn’t mentioned that only Workshop addons work now.

Do the mods you’re testing actually work?

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I have a slew of addons I have in legacy format, and they still work.

The ones I’m using are somewhat old. I don’t have too many though. There is one addon that I know lots of people can still use that I haven’t been able to have downloaded.

Maybe it’s just the addition of them that doesn’t work anymore, because only recently did I change the .txt files but the files had been installed before, but were ditched when 13 came along.

Ok so I guess existing addons still work then as long as you converted them beforehand.