Manual Break Easy Weld?

I had an idea about an hour ago while flying a helicopter, I’m wondering if anyone with modding skills could make it reality. What I want is an Easy Weld that breaks when you press a numpad button. it would be great for dropping bombs and things and also maybe as an easy way to fix down and unfix rockets or anything else that needs to be let go of suddenly.

If there is already an addon like this, I apologise and could someone direct me to it?

Wiremod grabbers would do the trick.

In Wire, there is the Wired Weld Latch, or, as it now known, Wired Constraint Latch.
Wire it up to a toggled Wire Numpad Input, and it will turn on and off as the touch of a button.

I can’t use wire. Forgot to say.

Why not?

It totally confuses me… to the point I just don’t bother. I don’t even understand how to wire… anyway, not every gmod player uses wire and it would be nice to not have to spend 5 minutes PER BOMB/MISSILE wiring it all up.

5 minutes?
More like…15-30 seconds realistically.

Yeah well to be honest I can’t be bothered with Wire, I’m not too intelligent and I’m dreadful at logic, can barely fit 2 things in my mind at once, I just want to simply weld something and then press a key to un weld it while not looking at it (not ‘R’) without spending time wiring it. Surely I can’t be the only person who hates wire… it’s a game not a maths problem.

It depends on how you look at it.
Garry’s mod is basically made out of math and logic.

It can be piss easy for some to learn wire, and some cant just learn it for some reason. Its just to deal with.

I guess if he doesn’t want to use wiremod he could do a breakable rope constraint with a powerful thruster which pushed it down and breaks the rope once he presses a numpad button? Obviously this would have flaws and i would seriously recommend getting wiremod for things like this but this might be a quick, messy way of doing what he desired.

what about just a prop spawner?

I would have suggested it too, but he told us he wanted to drop something, not spawn it. But yeah, that’d do the trick.

This is not the right forum for these ideas, go post this in lua coding -> requests.

You can just weld 4-5 bombs to your heli and when flying hit <z> several times bombs unweld and fall because you undo the welds.But keep in mind in order for this to work the last think you did must be the welding.