Manually Added Maps don't appear

I’ve had this problem for so long and I can’t find any solution, uninstalling gmod and deleting the folder did not work.

I can’t add maps to my maps folder, or anything to any folder for that matter, it simply won’t show up in Gmod for some reason. I can’t get it to read any folder. I don’t know which folder it’s trying to load when it runs, but for some reason it simply won’t read anything new. Not even a new folder.

Please help, I can’t join any servers if the map isn’t downloaded from it.


The game is managing to run without the entire Gmod folder or the GCF, what the fuck, seriously.

go and do

map mapname

in console

Dont extract it, try and copy and paste it into the folder

No, neither of you read what I wrote, it doesn’t have to do with the map, it has to do with my map folder.


Did you look in the “Other” section of the map selection?


No maps will appear ANYWHERE unless they are downloaded from servers, its the same for addons and everything else. I can’t make a new Gmod folder because it all just reads off of the same old one.

I deleted the Garrys Mod folder and GCF to try to reinstall it, it still runs without a GCF or any type of existing folder.

did you hit “Delete Local Content” in Steam?


Hmm…or rename the garrysmod folder,[2nd] and play gmod, but try and back up before you do and just to be sure verify Gmod

Delete Local Content for GMod in Steam (you already did that)
Then delete the steamapps\username\garrysmod folder.

I’m not sure how you can run the game without a GCF or the garrysmod folder; the hl2.exe resides in the garrysmod folder.