Manually installed addons not showing up in-game

I recently downloaded East German/ West German soldier ragdolls made by Simkas, extracted the files from WinZip and used gmpu to turn them into .gma files. I put them in my addons folder of garrys mod and saw them in-game. When I tried to download more ragdolls from different posters and performed the same actions (except removing extra folders within the original downloads that prevented gmpu from working properly), the 2 addons did not show up in-game, despite the original East German/ West German addon showing up in game. I checked to see if .txt files were located within the folders and created .gma several times with nothing working. I’ve checked multiple times to see if this problem is posted and cannot find anything that helps. Any help would be welcome, especially that this issue is probably simple and to stupid to see it. Anyway, thanks for any reply.

You dowloaded it manually. They’re not showing up because you didn’t subscribe on them. BUT I’M NOT SURE ABOUT THAT.

I’m not getting anything from workshop if that’s what you mean. For example, I downloaded files from links on facepunch.

Don’t put .gma files into addons/ folder. They will not load. Put the downloaded folders directly into addons/, without any conversion to .gma.

It worked! Thanks a lot I really appreciate it!

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Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your time!