Manually installed addons not working

Everything in workshop works fine. I just reboot after an installation and the stuff is there.

But for my old addons that I dl’d from, none of it is working. I even changed all the infos to addons.txt.

And I really need to use some of them. Heck, not even the goddamn model packs are working
Here I was thinking the Gmod 13 update was doing wonders for mac but in reality it fixed one thing and screwed up another.

(dont tell me to use windows because its telling me to update directx and I can’t do that)


So, after a little snooping I found that legacy addons dont work.
Fuck me.
I guess the only solution now is to switch over to my windows partition, and use the workshop uploader because I dont think it needs to run garrysmod, just Steam. I’m going to upload the things I want, dowjload the gma’s on mac, and hopefully that will solve the issue.

Legacy addons do work though, I have some mounted on my own server, as well as to my client.

Info.txt is now Addon.txt; change the names and you’re golden.

Only works on windows
Oh, I forgot to mention, i finally got the windows version working again. So for now this problem isnt a biggie but I still hope garry releases a patch.