Many models/textures missing after SteamPipe


It’s not just this map, it’s everywhere.
And it’s not game content related, all of my content works, as I can spawn and see stuff like that just fine.
It seems to only be Garry’s Mod assets messing up. I’ve tried verifying the game and nothing changed.

Please help me, this is incredibly annoying. A lot of the textures I use the most like models/debug/debugwhite and models/shiny are broken. They’re only not broken in my PAC3 outfit as seen is because of a custom texture replacing debugwhite.
(Also don’t let my custom theme fool you, I’m running Windows 7)

its a checker wonderland for me

Fixed it by completely reinstalling Gmod.
Sorry, but I think that is the only fix.

I believe you may have to completely reinstall Gmod if it didn’t move to steamapps/common