Many of my ragdolls aren't working. Help?

This keeps on happening to me. I’ve verified game cache, deleted local content and re-installed, and defragmented game files, but no luck. This doesn’t happen for EVERY ragdoll, and a few of my ragdolls downloaded via Workshop work, but the rest keep on doing this weird T-Pose.

Any help? This is a bit gamebreaking.

Video doesn’t exist.

This should work.

Feel free to refer to the other 4 threads about this with no known solutions… /facepalm

Yeah. And remember 13 is as broken as a politicians promises.

Sorry, I didn’t notice them.

Also, I finally fixed it. I realized that this started happening right after I installed a bunch of addons from the workshop, so I disabled my new addons one-by-one. And unsurpisingly, it fixed all of my ragdolls. So to anyone else having this problem, just check your addons to see if there aren’t any conflicts or some other stuff. :slight_smile: