Many Rock Base (Facepunch Moscow 3 servers)

Several players lives in rock on Facepounch Server Moscow 3. They kill players, when sitting inside this rock.
Video one of base:


cpt Morgan

I understand that the problem in the game engine, but can’t you make the texture of the stone on both sides to disable the free review or deny the shooting from inside, to forbid the construction on the square stone as the satellite, change the rock?. Things like this just demoralize and discourage the desire to play again.

Thank you for your attention

Base textures on the videos removed, thank you very much administration for their tremendous work and attention. But on this map there’s still a lot of these bases, what information will I need to remove them? video? the exact spelling of nicknames? address steam profiles?

Thanks again for the work.

Modded servers have an advantage with this. We can use one of the plugins to TP to sleepers and check where they are. I’ve found a few rock glitchers this way.

Hello, those players have created a base there again in the textures, maybe I’m an idiot that did not put the rack with the tools… Not the best server to play, constant lag, base textures and the lack of moderation. Maybe you’re the Rosie rights mod servers have an advantage here, but I don’t like the teleporters and the fact that real money will have more influence than skill. Although without the commercialization, the server can not exist.


I think it’s easier to go on a mod server than to fight with windmills

Big thanks to the admins for the quick reaction, the base in the cave cleared. built tool cupboard that was not so easy there to build another.