Many suggestions: some more exclusive weapons

Hi there,
First of all I would like to appologize if I posted this thread in a wrong section. I’m not much used to use forums and I didn’t find a specific place for this.
If this starts a massive wave of begs and whines from the community, feel free to delete this post whenever you wish :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see what are your plans for the electricity update (the wind turbine and stuff), and I’d like to give tons of suggestions when it comes out.
So, meanwhile, I was thinking on something that could make looting a bit more interesting.

I love the m249, but the fact is I thought there could be some more special weapons. For example, better (or just different) assault rilfes, smg’s, bolt rifles, etc.
So, what if there was a random chance to get another different weapon which could not be crafted so it would become a valuable treasure to find (where to it’s your choice).
I thought, for example, in these weapons:

*Semiautomatic rifle (This one’s for the Vietnam vets): M14
*Shotgun: Benelli M4
*Machinegun: M249
*Assault rifle: M16
*SMG: MP5 (which maybe could last longer than the thompson, with some more range/damage but more recoil. Just a middle point between the SMG and the AR)
*Sniper rifle: M40 / M50 barrett (maybe too heavy)
*Rocketlauncher: Stinger (maybe too OP for further helicopter takedowns)

Iv’e seen quite a few of these threads, and I only registered an account today. Its a decent enough idea, but adding more guns like this seems a bit pointless for the devs to do as of right now, because they have more important systems to be working on (XP system, Electricity, etc) than to make a bunch of models for guns that the majority of people are only going to get once or twice, and at that probably treasure it too much to use. Even when they finish the more pending issues and game play features, it seems a little disadvantageous to do.

EDIT: Not to mention the code and sounds and all the other stuff you gotta do to add in some new guns