Map a Week 2017

To improve my mapping ability and get some use out of my server, I’m going to attempt to make a map every week of 2017 with playtests on my server on the weekends. (During the week it will rotate through previously made maps.) If I finish a map early in the week I’ll go back and polish up earlier maps. At the end of the year I’ll release all the .bsp and .vmf files. I started a bit early both because I’m impatient, and because I wanted to have a decent rotation of maps available early on.

Each week I’ll focus on some aspect of mapping I haven’t really delved into before and do a little writeup of what I learned. This week it was player-controlled moving brushes. The early maps will probably fairly gimmicky as I use a bunch of entities that I’ve had no reason to use before.

**Week 1: cs_controlroom

A Hostage Rescue mission where the terrorists start in a separate control room with no access to the rest of the map, but can control various devices including robotic arms and laser turrets.
I spent most of the week trying to get the arm itself working, so the rest of the map kind of suffered.

-New entities used: func_tracktrain, func_move_linear, env_laser, game_ui, game_player_equip.

-Playtest thoughts: Arm is fun, but extremely hard to kill anything with in its current state. The map needs some sort of objective that forces the CTs to remain in the arm room for longer.

Week 2: TankBattle

I’d originally started making a table hockey minigame for this week, but the physics weren’t really good enough for it to be fun, so on Friday I scrapped the idea and threw together a little tank battle instead.

The interiors of the tanks are separate rooms outside the playing area allowing the tanks to be much smaller and not create as many physics issues since the player isn’t colliding with them.

-New entities used - game_round_end, logic_measure_movement, env_gunfire, env_smoke, phys_thruster

-Playtest thoughts: This one immediately ran into some issues with players getting stuck in the tank camera view, but after a quick patch it worked fairly well. The biggest issue was with movement. If the tanks have enough power to climb hills, they’re extremely fast on flat ground. I need to look into a way to cap the vehicle speed so I can still have hill climbing power without turning them into racecars. It’s definitely one of the more fun gamemodes I’ve made, so next weeks will feature tanks as well.

Extremely cool ideas you have here, super interested to see what you’ll come up with in the future

No map last week because it ended up turning into something way too ambitious.[/t]

This week I’m making a small tank battle map, and practicing making custom textures, since I haven’t really done that much before.


How do you have time to make a map every week when I don’t even have time to have a job?

How did you end up getting the mouse input right :)? Don’t know if you saw my post in the megathread

I’m still trying a few things. That was for a jet dogfighting map that I haven’t released yet. The Tanks are still controlled with WASD