Map Advert/Suggestion Thread

I am currently working on a garrymod rp/sandbox map and have run out of ideas, I am posting images here to show off/get some suggestions.

So far the map includes:

  • 3 small houses (there is not much inside of them but I will call them houses for now)
  • Bar/Inn
  • Clocktower
  • Rain effects and custom sounds

Note: At the moment, what can be seen in these images is surrounded by water , I will remove this as I begin expanding


Clock Tower Exterior

Gears inside of the tower (As you can see they are not connected and would therefore be unfunctional, this is intentional as I have no way of making the hands on the clock move.)

Stairs inside of the tower

Looking into the clock tower from outside

Inside of the inn

One of the rooms in the inn

Behind the inn

Inside one of the houses

That is all I’ve got at the moment, please post any ideas/suggestions you have. Thanks

Note: This is NOT a horror map

Looks good, But lacks detail in places.

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Add like barrels and things lying about in the buildings and things.

Looks good? It looks great!

But yeah I agree, it could probably use a bit more detail like barrels, crates, sacks of food, etc.

Looks very nice, what do the map boundaries look like? Just a little curious.

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There are no “Boundaries” outside of that town at the moment, I am keeping the map as small as possible to save on compile time for now.

This maps seems reminiscent of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Yea, it kind of looks that way inside of the tower but I am trying not to make it look too spooky

**Sorry about the bump, I didn’t realize it was this old! **[Thanks for the warning, dalton.]
Only problem is your map requires a good graphic card. (Which I don’t have D:)
Maybe add a few abandoned vehicles if you want to make it seem like it’s populated. Other than that, I’m not sure, maybe a boat dock? And if you’re making it an island, make a boat that circles around.
You know me, I never have ideas.

^ That was an idea right there

Something like this down the road leading out of town…
Also, a road leading out of town…

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Man I love Alton Towers :3: