Map: apehouse: texture error ? Help !

Hi everybody !

I’m trying to install apehouse from Ultraboy:
But I’ve this result:

I like pink, but I think a need any other textures…

Can you use this map ? Which textures have you got ?
Have you any idea about this problem ?

Thanks for help :suicide: :wink:

I tried to install the map you linked and here’s my screenshot below. I definitely can see textures from HL2:EP2 and/or CS:S on this map. Also make sure you got legit Garry’s Mod because your Facepunch steam link is suspicious.

Hello !

Thank you for your answer. My garry’s mod version is perfectly legit :wink:
I’ve HL2, but not CSS, I’ve just tried to install the textures from
Is it a bad idea ?

Bad idea? No, it’s simply not possible. You can’t install official textures, because steam won’t accept them and the console will reject it saying “Access Denied”. I tried that already in the past when I didn’t had CS:S.

And yes, you do need it to remove purple missing textures/models away. As you can see on my screenshot vehicle and the sky are both from cs_militia => CS:S. Just wait for big holidays and buy it, old games and specially Valve’s always drop down on prices during big holidays.

Ok, if I just need to buy CS:S, my problem is resolved !
Thank you very much RobiePAX.

No problem, when you have free time you should fix your Steam Profile link otherwise people will start pointing fingers at you and call you a pirate.

The link you provided:
The link to your real profile:

Hem… I’ve problems to edit my facepunch profile ^^’
Should I write my steam username or my steam profile’s link ?