Map Areas?

Hey all,

So I just had this wonderful idea about “Map Areas,” but I don’t think it is possible, but I’ll ask just in case it is… What I’m trying to do, is basically use Lua to overlay my map with points(getpos) then using these points, Lua can find the name of the Area the player is in, and then print it.

Such as: If user was at the designated area jail, between the 4 getpos points, lua would recognize that and print jail.

The entire idea of that is similar to CS:S when you type something, it says “Virus: (lobby) Hey!” so you know where in the map your teammate is.

What do you guys think, possible? I can do between two points, but 4 seem a little crazy?

It’s possible. You’ll have to manually plot out the boundaries of every area and name them… probably in a table, then have it loop the table every time someone chats and check if they’re within each area (Breaking the loop once the area is found)

You could create a brush entity kinda like a trigger_multiple it’s invisible and not solid, but it can tell when someone touches it, then you can use the StartTouch and EndTouch Functions to tell when someone enters or exits.

Actually you only need 2 points to represent a box

(forgive my inability to draw perspective)

Pretty sure PERP had / have something like this. And ralle is right.