map as background suddenly

I’ve been installing some addons/dupes today and when I went to check them in Gmod I saw the loading bar, and it suddenly started to load a map (without me picking one)

to my surprise it didn’t load a game, but a background:

How can I reverse back to a normal, static background?
addons/dupes/SVN I’ve done:

  • failplane v2
  • fin2
  • SBMP (SVN)
  • military models
  • spacebuild models

and I don’t think specs matter for this.


go to garrysmod > materials > console and remove all items in there?

these files were in there

I deleted them, booted up gmod and they just came back…I saw them pop up right before gmod “launched” as the folder was still open.
is there some kind of launch command like -nobackground? haven’t tried that one yet though.

Did you copy anything from HL2?

Yea, It is supposed to come back as it extracts the original background from the GCF.

Create the file \cfg\valve.rc and add:

// load the base configuration
//exec default.cfg
// Setup custom controller
exec joystick.cfg

// run a user script file if present
exec autoexec.cfg

// stuff command line statements

didn’t do anything :sigh:

well, not that I know off.

What is in your autoexec.cfg? You’re looking for the startupmenu command in a config.

That is all i know, This came from the Valve wiki :\

can’t find an autoexec.cfg file anywhere…not in my gmod folders anyway

is that bad?

I appreciate the help by the way

It is optional, And in cfg/autoexec.cfg
They just are commands run on every game boot

Why would you WANT to change it?

because sometimes I want to hop onto Gmod to test an addon without having to wait another five minutes for a background to load.