Map Attack!

Ok, today I’m starting my “Map Attack” project. This is to help me get better at mapping, while you get free maps! What I am attempting to do is release a new map everyday!

Day 1 map- gm _floodbuild
Day 2- ???

Day 1:

This is gm_floodbuild, a simple, small (file) sized map for servers or singleplayer. The map is a medium size, and includes a whole entire underwater area to build. But if you don’t like water, you can build on the top, make a submarine, and dive down to say hi to your friends… or raid a base!

Quantity =/= Quality. Floodbuild looks like it took less than an hour.

Yargh, ye should make a map a week. Then, they would all look better and by the time they all catch on, everybody be loving yer maps!

arrg! wrong section

Criticism taken, I’ll do better, but thanks for responding.