Map autochanges

When I play singleplayer or host a server the map changes at certain times. It spams “THE MAP WILL CHANGE ON 20:09” (example) for about half an hour before the map changes, and the change is every hour or so. The autochange changes the map to rp_evocity which makes me think it’s a script belonging to some server from where it got into my gmod, or it might have come from an admin mod I had long time ago. I’ve tried searching addons, lua, data and settings folders but I’ve found nothing relating to it.

Does anyone know where should I look for it and is it possible to remove without reinstalling?

Help please.

It sounds most like an Admin mod. Have you tried clearing your addons folder?

I went through addons again to see which may be responsible and actually found it!

I wouldn’t have done it unless you had told me to, so thank you.

Aaaaaand what was the problem?