map bigger then 64mb(gmod server)

the map that i am using for my server is biger than 64mb.
because of that people have missing map error.
that is any thing that i can do to make it downable?
the map:rp_outercanals
thank for the help

Are you using fastdownload?
If not, you should be, as players will download the file much faster.

To get players downloading the map, you need to set a net_maxfilesize in your server.cfg.
I’d recommend setting it to 10-20 mb above the size of your map.

So for example, if your map is 75mb, you should add:

net_maxfilesize 95

to your server.cfg

net_maxfilesize is capped at a file size of 64MB and has a max download speed of something absurd like 100 kB/sec when configured properly.

FastDL has no size limits and is served over HTTP or HTTPS.

can you give me a tutorial pls?

If you can’t look up a guide on how to set up fastdl then you shouldn’t be hosting servers. Fastdl is incredibly easy to configure. Put in the work and learn something, it is very easy.

this part i know the problem that i dont know nothing about how to do a Web server
any option to lower the resolution?

No. Unless you drastically reduce the size of your map via Hammer editor, your map file will remain the same and the only way you’ll get people to download it is to host it on a fastdl server.

There are some free webhosts out there that you can host fastdl content on for free.
It is your only option for allowing players to download your map.