Map board/table


I think It could be nice to have a map board/table that you can place at your base to share info with your mates. You could update the board map with your map or copy the info of the board to your map. What do you think?


Nice idea. It would definitely add more to the feeling of a group and/or a small colony/town/whatever.

I really miss stuff to fill group areas and/or houses with and this one is helpful. Especially when bigger maps with more stuff and resources etc. come into the game.

At the moment, you once or twice make a map on a server and you are pretty much done with it since you will more or less know how it looks like and where you have to go without looking at a map.

I like it! Also, we still need the maps fixed to show the coastline properly…

I think this is a great idea. Such a struggle explaining a direct position to someone. Either they get lost or after 10 minutes of searching you have to go back and show them the way lol.

I like it. I love the in game map, and I would love for it to have a bit more utility. This map table is a great idea.