Map breaking gamemode?

My friend made a map for my server, but unfortunately every time I switch to it, it breaks DarkRP and automaticly launches sandbox.

He has no clue why it is doing this either.

Any clues?

Chances are either the map is broken, or the game-mode is. Try running the game-mode on a different RP map, and see if it works. If it doesn’t, problem solved; you have a fucked game-mode. Else, the obvious.

DarkRP works on every other map I’ve used, and the map in question used to work on my friends server fine… but mine? idk.

Maybe it’s because my server is linux? I have no clue if that matters.

I’m betting you downloaded a fail version of the map, and uploaded it to your server. (It actually happens a lot. I can’t count how many ten year olds re-made rp_downtown and called it their own pro map.) My only suggestion if so is to try and find a new, clean version from or whichever, and hope it works.

But mind you- It depends on your error. I’m afraid I don’t understand fully what you mean.

If you mean the server switches to the map on DarkRP when you tell it to, you join, and it restarts onto Sandbox? Take my suggestion, that’s the only single clue I have.

If you mean when you tell it to, it starts on Sandbox from the start? Simple server configuration. When you first start a map, it loads in sandbox. You’ll need to set your server up to use DarkRP at the start, presumably with the map, and it should run smoothly. Else you can use a admin mod like ULX to change the map, with the game-mode you select. I /think/ there is a console command for it, but I may be wrong. I can’t remember.

Yeah I have the servers gamemode auto set to DarkRP but when I go to that map and ONLY that map… sandbox.

I’ve tried the console command to make it change gamemodes but nothing happens. No error no change… nada. Totally confusing.

The map probably has an info_gamemode which manually sets the gamemode.