Map bug HELP

When i try to join Clock work (CW) Specificly HLF2RP.So the owner got a new map i have the map downloaded and then when i try to join it says “You map rp_industrial_v1bp” But the map does not have the Bp In it when you download it so i disconnects me when i try to join i think its a bug because i have the map downloaded the right version o please help me and thank you for replying if you did

go to garrysmod/garrysmod/download/maps/rp_industrial_v1bp.bsp and delete that file. Reconnect and it should redownload the map and work.

Did that i deleted it but i guess i Get a fresh copy of gmod or if you have anything else can you tell me thanks also if you don’t have anything else how do i re-download gmod?