Map categories not appearing in New Game menu.

I made a map icon pack and put it on the Workshop. It includes several map categories for organization I switched to the developer branch to fix another issue and suddenly the map categories aren’t working anymore, and the maps appear under ‘Other.’ It’s not the 50-addon limit either I checked that. The icons still work.

Here’s an example of the file:


	"base"		"base"
	"title"		"Black Mesa"
	"maps"		"^bm_"
	"menusystem"	"0"

		// This gamemode file is just to add a new map category; it's not an actual gamemode.

Did I do something wrong? If so, what do I change?

Thank you.

Maybe try setting menusystem to 1.

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Eh, that probably wouldn’t work consider you don’t want the gamemode to be selectable.

I could try that, but it feels something clumsy seeing as these are just map-category gamemodes.

Update on this: One of my loose test-files was conflicting. Oops. Not an issue anymore.