Map categories

Hi i was woundering if it was possible to make map categories as i have a whole tonn of maps in my Gmod but they all sit in Other but i was woundering if i cold make categories for them so it would be less confusing.


The section a map is put into depends on its prefix. Maps are put into ‘other’ when they have no prefix. If you want a map to go into the Gmod map section put “gm_” infront of it, e.g. lolo > gm_lolo would put it into the Gmod section. Im unsure if you can make your own section.

I think he’s asking how to make new categories. Because even maps that have prefixes (oc_, rp_) go into Other because the prefixes aren’t set.

hmmm, maybe someone who knows more about lua could tell us if its possible. on a side note, maps marked rp_ go into a darRP category for me, I think its because I have the gamemode installed clientside.