Map change

Is it possible to make auto map change for example at 5 p.m?
Do you have script like that?

Yes its possible.
Try and learn, this will be the function that you’ll need to use:

I can`t script in Lua ;_;.
Anyone can give some more advices?

Read a bit of PIL (Programming in Lua)
Read a bit of source code of gmod or addons.
Read the wiki tutorials.
Wait for Acecool to give you the biggest wall of text ever.
Wait for code_gs to come in with his magical link of advice.

There are some steam group chats, that if you are polite, kind and friendly, may help you. As long as you don’t pester them.

The functions you will need though are: (Use changemap for the first argument, second argument is the map name including .bsp)