Map Changes in __ Rounds (Map Vote System)

Hey, I have a map vote system that changes the round the round after it says “Map Changes in 2 Rounds”. This is mildly annoying and I would like to make it appear so that the map changes in a round lower than the actual rounds remaining.

local function UntilMapChange()
   local rounds_left = max(0, GetGlobalInt("ttt_rounds_left", 6))
   local time_left = floor(max(0, ((GetGlobalInt("ttt_time_limit_minutes") or 60) * 60) - CurTime()))

   local h = floor(time_left / 3600)
   time_left = time_left - floor(h * 3600)
   local m = floor(time_left / 60)
   time_left = time_left - floor(m * 60)
   local s = floor(time_left)

   return rounds_left, string.format("%02i:%02i:%02i", h, m, s)

So essentially, there are 6 rounds but I want to make the scoreboard appear as though there are 5, so as to make the map vote and round remaining information accurate, any ideas? I was thinking about putting a ( -1 ) on the rounds left, but then that would just make it 5 rounds and affect nothing.

well i dont really know what you are trying to do but it SOUNDS like you want 1 round for just the end of the game. im not sure why since TTT has its own round system and map voting system.

furthermore whats with the function? you need to post all of the code you are using (not the whole gamemode, just the relevant code). an arbitrary function is not anywhere near enough to even begin helping you.