Map clusters and raiding

There’s this idea I had about a game I would have loved to see a while back, that I thought seen become reality when I first saw the first videos of RUST.
The difference is that RUST doesn’t have a feature that I had imagined and which is very likely to help big communities to grow further, maintain the excitement for a single wipe cycle longer aswell as providing both large groups or lone wolves the incentive to cooperate more than KOS everyone meeting them.

I came back to RUST for a few months on the new experimental brach, after having a stint on the legacy, and although I love the new features (like generated maps FTW!) a problem that plagues the game (in my opinion) still persists: the aggression between strangers and the lack of incentive of being friendly. People might say that’s how the game is, that I should adapt, find friends to play with (which I already do tho, I don’t think I’d have the nerves to survive a high pop server alone), but truth is in reality we are not really aggresive to every stranger we meet, don’t we?

What’s the difference? Well right now strangers VERY RARELY offer help, you can consider yourself lucky if they simply avoid you, but most of the time they try to kill you or chase you half of the map if you are able to dodge their arrows/bullets just to get the clothes you have. Truth is the guy you are letting escape might raid you next time you log off, or shoot you when you turn, although he’s naked he got a weapon. Because that’s what brings excitement to the game, action and raiding. And since you and the stranger you found are not in the same group you are most likely enemies.
That’s why it’s hard to cooperate with people, and because you have too little in common.

And there’s the thing, it could be a mod, or hopefully Gary and his team will consider to add it later in the development, although it might not be a priority: Servers that have several maps.

Let’s imagine a server running 3 maps. When I first joined it I am bound to one of the maps, and everyone doing so will be the same (options to choose a specific one, or join as a group should be considered, but map population balance should be a priority). I would be playing RUST normally on the map I’m bound to. But I would be able to “sail” to another island (one of the other 2 existant maps), at a specific time frame (prefferably at a peak hour) with items in my inventory, and come back if I survive. I would not be able to build anything on the maps I sail to because they are not my home maps, so my options would be raid or gather.

This should give an incentive to players from each map to cooperate, or atleast to kill each other less and waste ressources in order to better resist foreign invasions, that only come to plunder.

I could develop the idea further, but if you read this I belive you already made an opinion about it, so first I’d like to see how useful is considered by others.Please leave your thoughts lower if you have any.